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What is the Standard of Care?
How Various State Statutes And Professional Guidelines Address ARTS Ethics Issues -- And Why You Should Care

The webinar, presented by Gary A. Debele, Esq. and Dana E. Prescott, JD, MSW, PhD, is scheduled for January 10, 2018, at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time. 

ARTS cases present practitioners with particularly challenging ethical dilemmas and liability risks. The purpose of this program is to provide ARTs practitioners with an overview of significant ethical issues currently impacting ARTS practice. Various professional ethics codes are beginning to address these issues to varying degrees but without much consistency. There are now a handful of state ARTS statutes that address process and procedure, and perhaps indirectly, ethical issues and practices that should be of concern of ARTS practitioners. What specifically matters is that federal and state courts have only recently begun to develop a body of law related to ARTS and liability. Some of the circumstances that make ARTS matters particularly challenging from an ethics standpoint arises in the context of an ethics decision issued by the Missouri Supreme Court in an adoption dispute. In this presentation, we will explore and discuss the differences between values, ethics, and standard of care, followed by a review of how several ethics codes and state statutes address a common set of ethical issues facing all ARTS practitioners. We will ultimately suggest that the standard of care is rapidly evolving, that it is not enough to just comply with the Academy code of ethics, and that ARTs practitioners need to be mindful of these evolving ethics standards and duties of care in their daily practices. Sign up today!

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