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The American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA) is a credentialed, professional organization dedicated to the advancement of best legal practices in the area of assisted reproduction and to the protection of the interests of all parties, including the children, involved in assisted reproductive technology matters.

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Securing Legal Ties for All Family Types

There are few things more important than securing the legal relationship between a parent and a child. AAARTA attorneys are up-to-date on the advances in medical science that allow for a wide variety of options for parents to build families through egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, and/or gestational surrogacy.

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Members with Experience

AAARTA members must have completed at least fifty (50) diverse ARTs matters prior to being invited to join AAARTA. The matters must include such legal services such as obtaining parentage or birth orders, drafting and negotiating surrogacy, egg donor and sperm donor contracts and drafting or reviewing embryo donation contracts.

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An expert in assisted reproductive technology law will help ensure that your family building matter proceeds smoothly. Our Online Member Directory lists the current fellows of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in each State.

Considering Adoption?

If you are interested in learning about building your family through adoption, please visit us at the Aaa Alogo Only(American Academy of Adoption Attorneys) clicking here.

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2015 Annual Conference Awards and Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the President recognizes one or two Fellows who have contributed in an extraordinary way to the work of the Academy and improving the lives of children. The Awards are the President’s Award and the Amy Silberberg Award. This year there will be two additional awards including the Mentor Who Made A Difference and Fellow of Distinction. For more information including how to be a sponsor, click here..

Academy Writing Competition and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Academy is holding a Legal Writing Contest for: • The Best Adoption Legal Article  • The Best ART Legal ArticleMore information on the Writing Competition and what you should do? Click here

AAARTA Deputy Director, Margaret Swain's Letter to Editor 

Planet Hospital International Surrogacy.  NY Times-Letter to the Editors 

Margaret Swain, AAARTA Deputy Director, writes a letter to the New York Times discussing their article describing the Planet Hospital surrogacy program.  Ms. Swain addresses the inexcusable and troubling issues that arise with unregulated programs.  

Focus on an AAARTA Fellow

An Interview With Douglas Donnelly

Doug Donnelly is a big man with a big heart. When I sat down to interview him, his passion for his faith, his family, and adoption law burst from him, and he spoke with tears in his eyes.  He explained that being emotional is in his DNA: “I am from a big Irish family and all too often tears are just beneath the surface.”   Continue Reading . . .

Events in 2015

Annual Conference

Academy Fellows only join us April 26-29, 2015 in St. Pete Beach to fulfill your mandatory Academy CLE requirements. See 2015 Annual Conference Registration Form for more details and our Sponsorship Form if you are interested in being a sponsor.  To make your reservation for St. Pete's click here:  St. Pete, here we come!

Assisted Reproductive Technology Fall Conference - Open to All

Focusing exclusively on assisted reproductive technology law, our October 4-6, 2015  Fall Conference in Chicago will be open for registration in early February, 2015. Please check back then for complete registration information.