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The American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA) is a credentialed, professional organization dedicated to the advancement of best legal practices in the area of assisted reproduction and to the protection of the interests of all parties, including the children, involved in assisted reproductive technology matters.

Securing Legal Ties for All Family Types

There are few things more important than securing the legal relationship between a parent and a child. AAARTA attorneys are up-to-date on the advances in medical science that allow for a wide variety of options for parents to build families through egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, and/or gestational surrogacy.

Members with Experience

AAARTA members must have completed at least fifty (50) diverse ARTs matters prior to being invited to join AAARTA. The matters must include such legal services such as obtaining parentage or birth orders, drafting and negotiating surrogacy, egg donor and sperm donor contracts and drafting or reviewing embryo donation contracts.

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An expert in assisted reproductive technology law will help ensure that your family building matter proceeds smoothly. Our Online Adoption and ART Academy Member Directory lists the current fellows of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in each State.

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If you are interested in learning about building your family through adoption, please visit us at the Aaa Alogo Only clicking here gets you to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys Website.

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Michelle L. Conover v. Brittany D. Conover  

AAARTA signed onto an amicus brief in the above Maryland case. The Court of Appeals, MD's highest appeals court, issued its opinion today: "De facto parents have standing to contest custody or visitation and need not show parental unfitness or exceptional circumstances before a trial court can apply a best interests of the child analysis. The Court’s previous decision in Janice M. v. Margaret K., 404 Md. 661 (2008), is overruled."

Deputy Director, Margaret Swain's Report on the State of ART

AAARTA Advocacy Report by Margaret Swain, AAARTA Deputy Director -  Advocacy Report - AAARTA

AAARTA applauds Maine's new ART law.

The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys applaud the Maine Legislature for its passage of An Act to Update Maine’s Family Law.  Click  to read more details. Maine Press Release.

Academy Praises Supreme Court Opinion for being child friendly.  

The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys are gratified by the child friendly opinion embracing marriage equality, issued this morning by the United States Supreme Court.  To read full press release click .Supreme Court Decision Press Release.

Events in 2016

Webinars for Purchase

The Academy makes it's webinars on Adoption and ART law available for purchase.  To see the webinars available click: Webinars on ART and Adoption.